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Responses to my last post "Waging wars is outdated and should be relegated to military history"

After a full day of review, the responses I received for the "Waging wars is outdated and should be relegated to military history" were all negative. Although there were many upvotes for my post, not one comment was positive.

First there was a little bit of sarcasm:

Why isn't the world ready for the idea of widespread peace but ready for the idea of sending young people to kill and be killed? Doesn't seem logical to me. Furthermore, people say that the concept of world peace isn't realistic but unleashing massive physical destruction of people and property to resolve political problems is realistic? That's why I say war isn't only costly but also ineffective. Any more "real" and we'll be bankrupt and dead.

I emphasized prevention in my previous post. The rebuilding effort of America's Marshall Plan after WWII was to prevent the resentment caused by the world community's mistreatment of Germany after WWI. We learned the hard way that…

Waging wars is outdated and should be relegated to military history

Imagine there is a dispute between two neighbors. Both feel they cannot resolve their differences. Since they are at an impasse, instead of leaving things alone until circumstances change in the future, they both decide to arm their children to attack the children on the other side.

Of course waging war is indeed an option on the world stage but it is always a bad decision, because five things would be lacking for a nation to get to that point:
Lack of preventionLack of creativityLack of prudenceLack of skepticismLack of humanity PREVENTION One of the advantages of human beings over other animals is our ability to plan ahead. This means instead of reacting to stimuli, we can forgo our natural reflexes to ensure our strategy is realized. Thinking ahead prevents small problems from becoming large ones. It's easier to solve small problems, but it takes hard work to look out for them and to not ignore them.
CREATIVITY If something doesn't work the first time, do you give up? No. Y…

Why war is unwise

The world wide web isn't always a place of sunshine. Sometimes it can be more depressing than the plays of Sophocles.

So it's a pleasant surprise I found a place of great humanity on the web, featuring examples of people being good to other people: the HumansBeingBros on Reddit. (I have no association with this subreddit.) I found that on any given day, I can find posts of individuals who are more fortunate being kind to those less fortunate. In the natural world, the stronger animals usually devour the weaker ones. So it's refreshing to see altruism in practice in the real world, and fortunately, I see it mostly from young people, who represent the future.

As a life-long student of war, I believe the side with wisdom will always be the stronger side. What's confusing to some people is that it doesn't necessarily mean the stronger side always wins. Sometimes the stronger side fails to win. Sun Tzu said even though you know how to win doesn't mean you can do it…

Remembering 9/11

On this important day 9/11, the day after John Bolton, the war monger, was fired, we continue to hope that peace remains a priority in the world. There are many bad people in the world but that doesn't mean we lower ourselves to their level.
We can rise above our instinctual animosity and increase our emotional empathy. And should we make mistakes, let them be ones of kindheartedness. It is far better to be strong and naive than to be petty and cruel. ☮❤

Responses to my idea of sending migrant kids to Disney World

The other day I proposed that we take 2654 migrant children out of detention centers and into Disney World. I backed up my proposal with financial numbers that are hard to dispute. The following responses I received might surprise you (especially the last one):

The last comment was deleted about an hour later but I managed to take a screenshot of it.
My three responses to the responses: How can migrant kids "ruin" the theme park for paying customers? They're a live version of It's a Small World After All. But some people are complete fakes, more inclined to only see an animated version of It's a Small World After All.

Yeah, he's a dick.

A 9mm round might cost 15 cents but a lifetime in prison would cost tax payers so much more than sending a migrant child to Disney World. ☮

How much does it cost to send 2654 migrant children to Disney World?

Migrant children being separated from their parents on the Mexican border breaks my heart. They didn't break any laws. They are kids. As a child immigrant myself in 1980, I simply can't imagine being without my mom during that time. It would have been an extremely traumatic experience.

So what should we do with these precious 2654 migrant children?

Why take them to Disney World of course!

Crazy, right? I heard my friends say right away: "It costs money, Thomas!"

They're right. In fact, I even changed my mind about the concept of money I discussed just a few days ago. Money can absolutely be beneficial here. But before I go through the financial figures, let's talk briefly about intangible benefits.

When I first arrived in America, everyone was so nice and welcoming. When I say everyone, I meant everyone. I want the same for all migrant children. What says "Welcome to America!" more than taking them to Disney World?

While they wait to be reunited wi…

Glory in war is a myth

Homer's The Iliad and Odyssey tell of grand and exciting battles in all their glory. Of course both works are part of Greek mythology. They are myths in more ways than one.

It is also a myth that military personnel and veterans love war. Those who have experienced war and its horrific effects firsthand rarely want more of it.

Then who are the ones clamoring for more war? They are inevitably those who are profiting from it and aren't fighting it. Some people call them warhawks. I call them chickenhawks. Chickenhawk is a much better description since they are comfortable with sending other people's children to die for political gain. They are often the same people who talk a lot about family values. They are failures in diplomacy and strategy.

The only place you will ever find glory in war is in a work of fiction. And it is fiction that politicians and their ilk sell the idea of war. Don't believe it! I understand war. Having been born in Vietnam, I've been affected…

The advancement of the self

Yesterday I discussed about the advancement of civilization. Today I am discussing about the advancement of the self. After all, world peace starts at home.

To make the matter abundantly clear, this Genius of Peace website was named not because I am a genius of peace (nor am I a genius of love). The reason why it is named the Genius of Peace is because I want to be a genius of peace. It is a daily reminder of what I am striving for.

Frankly, I think myself not as a teacher but only a student of wisdom. I am still learning and messing up regularly. Each day I make mistakes, some days worse than others. Sometimes I feel so stupid, selfish, and small. I am far from being an example of someone wise. I am still trying to find good ways to live life like everyone else. But whenever I do find something, I share it here on Genius of Peace in the hopes it's useful for you, too.

Therefore, although I have come a long way in terms of wisdom and application, I still have a long way to go. ☮

The advancement of civilization

There was a time when infant exposure was acceptable.

There was a time when enslaving a fellow human being was big business.

There was a time when women couldn't vote.

There was a time when it was illegal to go inside a certain restaurant because of the color of your skin.

These weren't practices of barbaric states. They were from so-called civilized nations. Educated people went along with it because it was "the way it was."

But the way it is doesn't mean things are ok now.

I once saw a webpage of a company that brags about how many millions of heads of cattle, pigs, and chickens it processed. Not surprisingly it treats its workers in similar barbaric fashion based on published employee reviews.

It's still quite acceptable to imprison people who speak out against their own government. But most us don't care. We still do business with them. We still buy the products made in those abusive countries. We even have social-conscious athletes and celebrities h…


It seems too many people misunderstand the idea of kindness. Kindness isn't being nice to someone for something in return. Kindness is being nice. Period. Whether it's reciprocated or not is irrelevant to the matter.

Kindness is also who you are as a person. So you cannot one minute be nice to someone and the next minute not be nice to someone else. To me that isn't kindness.

And even though you were careful, should you have been taken advantaged of because of your kindness then it's ok. Because being nice is its own reward, you have already gained.

Life is full of refinement in behavior. Being prudent is wise. But if there was ever a default position, it is to begin with kindness. ☮