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A tiger goes down the mountain

Why does a tiger go down the mountain? Because it wants to.

The concept of winning is currently in a sad state in the world. It seems everybody wants to be right. People try to enrich themselves despite the expense of so many. Nobody is open to anything, not even an inch. They say it's a sign of weakness. They say others would take advantage of them if they give in.

However, winning isn't just about being right. Winning isn't about beating the competition. Winning is being a net positive in the world, an accomplishment that moves humanity forward, even if it were only an inch.

In other words, winning is about upholding decency and eliminating regret. Let your conscience be an indicator. I don't want to be petty, dishonest, or groveling. I don't want unhappy faces. Instead, I want to accomplish something that cannot be counted or measured. I want to promote peace and love daily within me and with those around me.

Ultimately everything in the world is ephemeral. People cling on to what they believe is valuable, but like in the past and it'll be the case in the future, it is merely leased, rented, temporary.

While we are here, it might be a good idea to take care of one another to the best of our ability. Everything else seems secondary, perhaps trivial.

Therefore, geniuses of love go to places where they want to go. Their actions are free of doubt, their gains immeasurable.


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