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Higher standards in business

Several months ago I emailed a rather famous business writer about a grammatical mistake he made on one of his business writings. Within an hour of my email, he thanked me and made the correction. He's also big on using words like ethics, honor, empathy, honesty, and bravery in business in his writings. Three weeks ago I emailed him about pointing out shady business practices. I have yet to get a reply back.

It seems he cares more about getting his English usage correct than the actual practice of business correct. I hope he didn't forget that the sole purpose of business is to benefit society, not simply to turn a profit.

Perhaps I'm asking for too much. It's much easier to talk about things, with a warm arabica coffee cup in hand wearing a crisp shirt, colorful glasses, and dress shoes. Who wants to get other people upset and get dirtied up and spill coffee when rocking the boat?

As I wrote earlier, you don't want to be in a so-called "successful" spot that others are cheering when you die. You only see that when bad guys die in movies. Instead, you might want to be in situation where others are cheering you on when you are still alive, because what you do is beyond reproach. More importantly, you want to be in a spot where you are cheering yourself on because what you do is beneficial to so many people.

Big money makes people compromise. Would you fire your biggest customer if it's in an activity you don't believe in? First you deny to the public about it. Then you lie until people forget about it. I've seen it. It's so common and ordinary for people to act that way. But let's not call it business with "ethics, honor, empathy, honesty, and bravery." It's fake. It's modern marketing. And it's wrong.

Ultimately, the truth always rises to the top. Shady businesses would appear successful but for how many years. To me it's pain and blood money. It's not simply about being legal or illegal but about being right or wrong. Making a profit legally but causing harm to others is wrong. In time it becomes illegal. However, don't let the laws be your moral guide but your own principles and conscience. Think on your own and follow a higher standard than what's ordinary. Die on a hill that you would be proud to be on even if unsuccessful. Be on higher ground. Be extraordinary. ☮


  1. Ditto. I'm with you. But can we wake-up in America, before it's too late? Time has just about run out.

    1. I'm afraid you might be right about being too late. But I'm an idealist. I believe it is never too late as long as you are alive.

  2. I am always intrigued when the need for money and power exceed the glorious feeling of accomplishment by spending oneself in a worthy cause. Perhaps its due to my moral compass, but to make gains through unethical means tarnishes the victory because victory in it truest form is pure, true and honest. Otherwise its empty.

    1. Trey, great points. Imagine looking back on your life and realizing all you got left was money.


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