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Peace starts at home

When I speak about peace ☮, I often speak about peace all around the world. A world without war -- a topic I have studied all my adult life -- is a world that is truly heaven on earth. The economic savings would be immense, the social benefit immeasurable.

However, I'm more of a person who focuses on my own world, albeit my world is bigger than most. The ones beyond me belong to other people. So although I promote worldwide peace, I try to promote it through what little I can do each and every day with those I come in contact with locally, via travel internationally, and even through a screen with remote places thanks to technology. Genius of Peace is a written version of my daily efforts.

People say world peace is impossible. They say it's naive. But is it really? Success is likely in a household that prioritizes peace, because the effort is manageable and sustainable. A dream of mine is that everyone in the world tries to promote peace in his or her own household. Hug your children as often as possible. Show kindness always to your spouse. Seek to understand, observe, and listen more. Refrain from anger and the unreasonable need to always be "right." Let people learn. Let your heart grow and your feet go. Is that possible? I believe so. Social norms are tricky and hard to change. But change they do. History proves that it is possible. ☮


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Glory in war is a myth

Homer's The Iliad and Odyssey tell of grand and exciting battles in all their glory. Of course both works are part of Greek mythology. They are myths in more ways than one.

It is also a myth that military personnel and veterans love war. Those who have experienced war and its horrific effects firsthand rarely want more of it.

Then who are the ones clamoring for more war? They are inevitably those who are profiting from it and aren't fighting it. Some people call them warhawks. I call them chickenhawks. Chickenhawk is a much better description since they are comfortable with sending other people's children to die for political gain. They are often the same people who talk a lot about family values. They are failures in diplomacy and strategy.

The only place you will ever find glory in war is in a work of fiction. And it is fiction that politicians and their ilk sell the idea of war. Don't believe it! I understand war. Having been born in Vietnam, I've been affected…

How much does it cost to send 2654 migrant children to Disney World?

Migrant children being separated from their parents on the Mexican border breaks my heart. They didn't break any laws. They are kids. As a child immigrant myself in 1980, I simply can't imagine being without my mom during that time. It would have been an extremely traumatic experience.

So what should we do with these precious 2654 migrant children?

Why take them to Disney World of course!

Crazy, right? I heard my friends say right away: "It costs money, Thomas!"

They're right. In fact, I even changed my mind about the concept of money I discussed just a few days ago. Money can absolutely be beneficial here. But before I go through the financial figures, let's talk briefly about intangible benefits.

When I first arrived in America, everyone was so nice and welcoming. When I say everyone, I meant everyone. I want the same for all migrant children. What says "Welcome to America!" more than taking them to Disney World?

While they wait to be reunited wi…

Man among men

True love is to highlight the good in others and downplay the bad parts. It's not you don't see the bad parts. It's just you want to point out and build upon the good parts.

Babe Ruth struck out a lot. But that's not what he was good at and famous for.

What an extraordinary sight yesterday when I witnessed a man so comfortable with himself that in the midst of criticisms lobbed at him that he still pointed out the good things about his critics. He's a man among men. ☮❤