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Ringo knows peace ☮ and love ❤

Have you heard of The Beatles? You probably have. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.

First on my mind today is Ringo Starr. He's my kind of guy. ☮

Photo taken August 5, 2019

Ringo looks great. I can't believe he's 79 years old. He remains dedicated to his work, and more importantly, consistently spreads the message of peace and love all around the world. Each year during his birthday (July 7) he has a simple request for everyone anywhere on earth to say "peace and love" to one another at noon. He said it would make his heart sing:

How cool is that. Ringo's a music legend. He's been knighted. He has over £150 million. Yet he has settled upon an idea that transcends himself and would positively affect countless people.

Is all this peace and love talk superficial? No. As a student of war most of my life, I firmly believe spreading the message of peace and love is a far-reaching reminder we all need during this time of social and political division.

Nobody questions whether hateful rhetoric is superficial, so let's give much more credence to the simple yet powerful words of peace and love.

I want to talk about peace and love each and every day, hence this Genius of Love blog. That's because I want peace and love in my life and wish to spread much peace and love in yours as well.

May peace and love be so prolific that we would see them anywhere in the world. It would be a priceless birthday gift. It's clear Ringo is a genius of love. ☮❤


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