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Show enough love to speak up

As an adviser in a few of the world's most respected organizations, I nonetheless have witnessed countless times individuals being called a "problem" for not following instructions. The real problem, however, were the instructions themselves. They were ineffective, impractical, perhaps even cruel. Everyone who followed those instructions was hurting and struggling but only one or two individuals had the gumption to say there has to be something better.

This is life in a nutshell. From the moment children are able to interact with adults they are told to obediently follow orders. If they don't, they are punished. Then these kids grow up to be adults themselves working in companies that expect them to be equally meek. If they aren't, then they labeled as incorrigible and are reprimanded or fired.

Fact is, leaders in even the best organizations don't know exactly what is best. They try but it's a process filled with inevitable pitfalls. That's the reality. What they need are people on the ground who can see these pitfalls to highlight what needs to be fixed. If someone says his plan doesn't need to be fixed after implementation, then he is either ignorant or fibbing.

People questioning the status quo are often seen as problem people, but they are really people who are actually thinking. They somehow care enough about the situation to try to make things better. Otherwise they'd look the other way, go with the flow like everyone else, and be "good team players."

Steve Jobs called the people who challenge the status quo "the crazy ones." They're crazy to think they can change the world, yet they are the very ones who do. They are geniuses who push humanity forward.

So love your situation enough to get mad as hell. Complain even! Don't be a staid stoic and accept bad things as they are. Anybody can do that. Do something about it. Strive to work with those who want progress, too. Then, with a little bit of luck, you will unlock lasting peace. ☮

(By the way, what's the difference between complainers and innovators? All innovators complain because they're not satisfied with the current world but not all complainers are innovators.)


  1. Thomas, I like your new direction. We'll never get out of this political mess we're all in without INNOVATION. The old way of doing things is now in a, most dangerous, standstill.

    1. Marv, thank you for your thoughts as always. I should've simply gone with these discussions earlier. You are a leader in these topics and would love to publish one of them here or let me know.

  2. Glad I'm not mad for wanting to change the world.


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