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Responses to my idea of sending migrant kids to Disney World

The other day I proposed that we take 2654 migrant children out of detention centers and into Disney World. I backed up my proposal with financial numbers that are hard to dispute. The following responses I received might surprise you (especially the last one):

The last comment was deleted about an hour later but I managed to take a screenshot of it.

My three responses to the responses:
  1. How can migrant kids "ruin" the theme park for paying customers? They're a live version of It's a Small World After All. But some people are complete fakes, more inclined to only see an animated version of It's a Small World After All.

  2. Yeah, he's a dick.

  3. A 9mm round might cost 15 cents but a lifetime in prison would cost tax payers so much more than sending a migrant child to Disney World. ☮


  1. Based on the sentiments of some of the responses to your post maybe we should consider sending back all of those whose ancestors were immigrants other than the original native Americans as well as start dismantling the Statute of Liberty.


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