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Responses to my last post "Waging wars is outdated and should be relegated to military history"

After a full day of review, the responses I received for the "Waging wars is outdated and should be relegated to military history" were all negative. Although there were many upvotes for my post, not one comment was positive.

First there was a little bit of sarcasm:

Why isn't the world ready for the idea of widespread peace but ready for the idea of sending young people to kill and be killed? Doesn't seem logical to me. Furthermore, people say that the concept of world peace isn't realistic but unleashing massive physical destruction of people and property to resolve political problems is realistic? That's why I say war isn't only costly but also ineffective. Any more "real" and we'll be bankrupt and dead.

I emphasized prevention in my previous post. The rebuilding effort of America's Marshall Plan after WWII was to prevent the resentment caused by the world community's mistreatment of Germany after WWI. We learned the hard way that…

Waging wars is outdated and should be relegated to military history

Imagine there is a dispute between two neighbors. Both feel they cannot resolve their differences. Since they are at an impasse, instead of leaving things alone until circumstances change in the future, they both decide to arm their children to attack the children on the other side.

Of course waging war is indeed an option on the world stage but it is always a bad decision, because five things would be lacking for a nation to get to that point:
Lack of preventionLack of creativityLack of prudenceLack of skepticismLack of humanity PREVENTION One of the advantages of human beings over other animals is our ability to plan ahead. This means instead of reacting to stimuli, we can forgo our natural reflexes to ensure our strategy is realized. Thinking ahead prevents small problems from becoming large ones. It's easier to solve small problems, but it takes hard work to look out for them and to not ignore them.
CREATIVITY If something doesn't work the first time, do you give up? No. Y…