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Responses to my last post "Waging wars is outdated and should be relegated to military history"

After a full day of review, the responses I received for the "Waging wars is outdated and should be relegated to military history" were all negative. Although there were many upvotes for my post, not one comment was positive.

First there was a little bit of sarcasm:

Why isn't the world ready for the idea of widespread peace but ready for the idea of sending young people to kill and be killed? Doesn't seem logical to me. Furthermore, people say that the concept of world peace isn't realistic but unleashing massive physical destruction of people and property to resolve political problems is realistic? That's why I say war isn't only costly but also ineffective. Any more "real" and we'll be bankrupt and dead.

I emphasized prevention in my previous post. The rebuilding effort of America's Marshall Plan after WWII was to prevent the resentment caused by the world community's mistreatment of Germany after WWI. We learned the hard way that being cruel was neither very smart nor sound strategy. Yet we forget today what actually worked in the 1940s with Germany and Japan, two of our most brutal enemies back then but now they are our closest allies.

Humans can indeed be violent. But it's not our physical strength that we excel at in nature. A donkey is stronger than any man, and a common house cat can run faster than Usain Bolt. What makes us superior is our brain. Let's put it to good use in preventing small problems from becoming big problems. Should a big problem slip through, let's use our mind's creativity to unlock the most ingenious solutions. I believe we can do it if we put in the time and energy. I believe this is more realistic than to mindlessly sending our children to do harm to others to fix the failures of us adults. That isn't only unrealistic but evil and irresponsible.

And last, I want to convey something else that's important. Because of past mistakes, conflicts will sometimes arise. If you try to extend an olive branch to the other person, and the response was negative, then that's OK. You didn't stay in the trap of resentment. You made the effort and tried to mend fences. Perhaps one day, people's responses will be better. One thing is for sure in this world and it is change. Tomorrow is another day. Thank you for reading.


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