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Waging wars is outdated and should be relegated to military history

Imagine there is a dispute between two neighbors. Both feel they cannot resolve their differences. Since they are at an impasse, instead of leaving things alone until circumstances change in the future, they both decide to arm their children to attack the children on the other side.

Of course waging war is indeed an option on the world stage but it is always a bad decision, because five things would be lacking for a nation to get to that point:
  1. Lack of prevention
  2. Lack of creativity
  3. Lack of prudence
  4. Lack of skepticism
  5. Lack of humanity
One of the advantages of human beings over other animals is our ability to plan ahead. This means instead of reacting to stimuli, we can forgo our natural reflexes to ensure our strategy is realized. Thinking ahead prevents small problems from becoming large ones. It's easier to solve small problems, but it takes hard work to look out for them and to not ignore them.

If something doesn't work the first time, do you give up? No. You try again. Maybe it takes building or improving upon an existing idea. See the problem in a different way. Or you can work backwards from your objective and link back to the first step. There are countless ways to resolve our differences without resorting to war. The only question is whether we'll put in the time and effort to find a workable solution. Don't be lazy and put in the work.

Wars are expensive financially. Wars are also costly in others ways, namely the lives and livelihoods of people. If there isn't extreme caution when it comes to warfare, then there is a dereliction of duty. The idea of glory in war is simply that: an idea. Glory can't replenish the nation's coffers, never mind the lives lost to the families of loved ones.

Those who don't understand the cost of war cannot possibly understand the benefit of war. Sun Tzu said this 2500 years ago. And if they truly understand the cost of war, then they would never want to pay for it. The moment someone tells you all the good things that will result in a war is the moment your BS detector should go up. This someone isn't to be trusted because he or she doesn't understand war. In the real world, a common result of war is the perpetuation of hate and resentment that usually last for generations. If wars were a good way of keeping peace, then we would have world peace by now especially after thousands of years of wars.

War is cruel. It makes a bad situation worse. Unspeakably worse. For if as a society we want to walk down the path of only self-interest, then let the arms race and land grabbing begin. There wouldn't be enough weapons to make any country feel safe today. But if we decide to aim for a higher standard of wisdom and benevolence, then we can decide that being killers of people of other nations -- even nations that hate us -- just isn't who we want to be. We want to act in ways that would be hard to hate. There is a chance we would be giving it all up for this simple principle, but its realization reaps an incredible amount of pride and satisfaction.

I never really understood why some people settle on simply existing. They become so conservative they've become petty, selfish, combative. Instead, let's think bigger. Let's make things bigger and better. Let's make things cooler. Let's create enough abundance to share with others. If we run out, then we'll make more. Should we fail, well, then we fail trying to take care of others. Not the worst fail in the world. But if we succeed, then that would be glorious. True glory. And a great place to start is to first stop making the same bad decision over and over throughout history and finally make wars obsolete.


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